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publications and reports

The publications of Professor Abram and Drs Brand and Clark can be found on their staff profile pages.

Reports on the group's EPSRC-funded research projects can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

EP/C534263/1 - "Artificial materials for terahertz frequency applications"

GR/R662889 - "Interaction of zero-dimensional electronic and photonic states in semiconductor nanostructures"

GR/R56716 - "First principles calculations of the electronic and optical properties of PPV"

GR/M94199 - "First principles investigation of molecular crystals under pressure"

GR/R25859 - "Theoretical studies of nitride surface and growth properties"

GR/L73159/01 - "Novel photonic microstructures in semiconductors"

GR/L04405 - "Modelling SiGe quantum devices"

GR/L05570 - "Electronic structure and laser characteristics of nitrogen-based III-V semiconductors"

GR/J10495 - "Modelling of high speed semiconductor lasers"

GR/J41642 - "Modelling of HEMTs and MESFETs"

GR/H45094 - "Modelling of heterojunction bipolar transistors"

GR/F65590 - "Monte Carlo modelling of pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors"

GR/F55300 - "Calculations of impact ionization in semiconductors and supperlattices"

GR/F30314 - "Modelling of heterojunction bipolar transistors"

XG10503 - "Electronic structure and transport in strained-layer semiconductor supperlattices and heterostructures"

GR/D67033 - "Calculations of auger recombination in semiconductors"

GR/80240 - "Theory of some electronic processes in semiconductor heterostructures"

GR/C25531 - "Auger recombination in semicondunctors and quantum well heterostructures"