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Mike Kaliteevski

Qualifications: Degree in Physics and Engineering, St. Petersberg State Technical University, Ph.D Ioffe Institute

Phone: (UK) 0191-374-2409

Position:Post-Doctoral Researcher

Research interests:
  • Novel photonic microstructures in semiconductors - concerning the effects of the interaction of electromagnetic waves with novel 1-D and 2-D photonic microstructures.

Current Projects:

  • A new theoretical approach for the calculation of the band structure of quasiperiodic systems has been developed. We have applied it to the analysis of the optical properties of 1-D photonic Fibonacci lattices and 2-D Penrose-tiled photonic quasicrystals. Calculations are also currently underway on the non-linear optical properties of photonic microstructures.

  • I am also interested in the propagation and localization of light in cylindrically symmetric photonic microstructures and the coupling of 1-D exciton and photon states in cylindrical microcavities. The formalism developed for cylindrical structures has also led to a simple algebraic method for the calculation of the dipersion relation and field distribution in optical fibres, which fully takes into account the vectorial nature of the electromagnetic field.


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